AbN is available to offer custom courses on site at your project.

Courses can include, but are not limited to:

  • Mainframe design

  • Composting

  • Swale Design & Creation

  • Small and large animal husbandry

  • Small or large-scale Earth Works

  • Operation of different typesof levels for small or large-scale projects

  • Creation of productive circles, like banana circles or one-of-a-kind, large coconut circle

  • Experience hands-on chop and drop

  • Biochar making workshop

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Current Course Offerings

Practical Permaculture Implementation on a Large Scale Farm

Where: Msonge Organic Family Farm in partnership with PPIZ

When: December 9 through 13, 2019

Price: $350 USD includes meals & accommodation

This course is designed for both with and without PDC background and wish to have more hand-on experience before starting a project, may have a property and wonder how to get started with your main frame design, or if you simply want to get more experience on a large-scale farm in an idealistic setting on the island of Zanzibar. Come join us!

Join Ludovic Bourdon, international regenerative design consultant, from Abundant by Nature (AbN), in partnership with Practical Permaculture Institute Zanzibar(PPIZ) and Msonge Organic Family Farm, for a one of its kind experience, as he will be doing the second phase of a Msonge farm retrofit in Zanzibar.

In this course you will be able to be part of AbN's on site consultation and implementation on the largest permaculture designed farm in Tanzania. For this second upgrade phase you will be joining Ludovic in his work. The course will be based on practical hand-on experience combined with explanations and theory, using practical situations encountered during the different workshops, throughout the week-long course. Being a part of the second phase will allow you to learn how to get feedback using pattern recognition. Adjustments will be made to the actions taken the previous year and improvements on the next phase of establishment.  As much as possible, in alignment with the different projects on the go, the course outline will be flexible based on the needs and interests of the students.   

Course Outline

  • Operation of different types of levels for large scale projects (fishpond, swales, etc)

  • Swale building

  • One-of-a-kind large coconut circle making

  • Experience hands-on chop and drop

  • Experience hands-on with large scale chicken tractor

  • Visits with comments and explanations of different permaculture productive sites (including criteria for fishpond positioning)

  • Introduction to Zanzibar traditional cooking

  • Experience in the daily routine with production and management of a permaculture farm


The PPIZ campus includes a tropical Permaculture demonstration farm and eco accommodation set in a lush Zanzibari forest environment. The farm features elements such as a plant nursery, vegetable & medicinal gardens, composting and compost worms, a food forest, aquaculture, goats & poultry, a spice forest and beekeeping. The eco accommodation is made in a traditional building technique of using coral rock stones and features elements such as solar cooking and rocket stoves, compost toilets and grey water filter systems, a Permaculture library, and three cats.

Resister or Questions:

Phone: +255 (0) 777 304 890 or (Laura Maier; Operations Manager)


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