Facilitation, Consultation & Design

Ludovic founded Abundant by Nature to offer on the ground regenerative agriculture consultancy and trainings, as well as map base, main frame design, for various size projects. From the very large scale to the small farm. Ludovic works in all climates and landscapes but always within the mindset to better the life of people by increasing biodiversity.

Abundant by Nature designs regenerative agriculture installations that bring ease and surplus to the partnering farms or communities. Our designs improve local resiliency by helping local growers produce crops for food, fodder, building materials,medicine, and more.


We work with the community to understand local needs and existing resources. We use permaculture principles to create designs that are easy to maintain, have minimal material costs, and can be implemented using readily available equipment. Our designs rehabilitate the land through controlling erosion, increasing water infiltration, building soil, using flooding techniques, recycling grey water, composting,creating a natural habitat for wildlife, and increasing biodiversity. Our designs care for the people and the planet, while aiming to generate surplus.

Community members gain theoretical and hands-on knowledge of regenerative agriculture practises by being fully involved in the design and installation phases. A primary goal of Abundant by Nature is to share and teach the principles of regenerative agriculture in a way that allows for duplication and increased abundance in the community and beyond.

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