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Komestenga - Burkina Faso

In partnership with Ecosia this ongoing project began January 2019. For this collaboration we are working with Ecosia’s main partner, Hommes et Terre in Burkina-Faso, establishing their first productive site over 40 hectares of dryland.


Nurzia, Fruit and spice farm - Zanzibar

Nurzai, First Permaculture designed Fruit and Spice farm in Zanzibar, East Africa. In 3 weeks of work, over 650 m of water harvesting earthworks, swales and infiltrating basins have been dug and over 2000 trees planted by a small team led by Abundant By Nature.


msonge ORGANIC FAMILY FARM- zanzibar

Since 2017 AbN has been working on the design retrofit of Msonge Organic Family Farm in Zanzibar. This beautiful 10 hectare farm, already ran organically, a model of its kind, selling a large range of vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy, grown and raised on site. Now, the owner has a goal to become a large-scale example for regenerative practices, based on Permaculture principals. The retrofit will happen over a period of around 5 years. AbN is spending 3 to 4 weeks every year, first implementing the main frame design, with swale lines and other water remediating structures. And on a different level, teaching and educating the farm staff with new or revised technics with a focus of increasing production while reducing work.


Practical Permaculture Institute - zanzibar

In November 2015, we were fortunate to participate in the creation of the third permaculture institute in the 7 Ravens project to install 5 such institutes in Eastern Africa.

Although the original plan was to install the site on the dry slopes of Mt Meru, we had to change the location at the last minute…


kadomba II - burkina faso

The creation of a experimental permaculture training centre in Kadomba II, a remote village in Burkina Faso. New growing techniques will help to increase local food security and biodiversity, and farmers will be able to provide for most of their fuel, food, and building material needs.


 Siunga Primary school, Kenya

in 2014 I had the opportunity to visit the Practical Permaculture Institute of Kenya. It was the first institute created in the Seven Ravens project to build 5 such institutes throughout East Africa.


house of joy orphanage - uganda

In 2014, we were able to participate in building the second of the Seven Ravens 5 Permaculture Practical Institute projects in Eastern Africa. This project involved a partnership between Seven Ravens Permaculture and the House of Joy (an orphanage that houses 350 children plus staff).